Saturday, November 13, 2010

Zaid vs. Azmin&Anwar

Zaid, who caused a stir in the last few days by withdrawing from the PKR deputy president’s race, now wants Azmin and Anwar to vacate their leadership of the party.

People keep asking whether the Pakatan Rakyat has come to a hopeless situation as the BN has won the recent two by-elections (Batu Sapi and Galas) with regained Malay votes, while the Pakatan Rakyat is facing many critical problems.

However, politics is not operated on a set formula like mathematics in which one plus one must equal to two. Politics thrives on changing mindsets with propaganda and mass appeal. If the BN who are current government, continues instilling positive messages into the people's minds, reducing mistakes, and avoiding infighting, it will not be surprising for it to return to power, and may even retrieve the two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Every political parties have their own problems. Be it opposition or government parties. What is important is there are genuine efforts to solve it and move on. 

To solve the existing problem, all top leaders within the party must come together to resolve it. If having participation of some leaders from other Pakatan parties help, invite them. Anwar, Zaid, Azmin and Mustapha must look beyond themselves otherwise what they preaches were bullshits. 

They must start to look at each other as genuine partners who wish to good for the country. They must be united in their ultimate aim to win Putrajaya together with the other two Pakatan components regardless of individual interest. 


Zaid Ibrahim

Zaid is the man of his word, he resigned his post as a minister just to honour his word.

I have watched Zaid with interest since his efforts to restore judicial integrity as a minister in Abdullah’s cabinet. I like it when a man tries to do what he thinks is right and when he finally resigned from the cabinet after realizing that he was not going to get anywhere with the reforms he wants to introduce, I thought that he certainly has a role to play in the struggle to put Malaysia back on the right track.

BUT when this crisis happened, everything was so wrong. It kinda changed my perception toward him.

Zaid keep on attacking Anwar and Azmin in press conference. Something is not right here. Why can't discuss in close door?

Zaid started to complain when he was left behind by Azmin Ali in the race of VP title. Even there were really a malpractice as he claimed, he should try to restore and solve it within the party, not by going to Utusan and put the party in ruin.

Basically, if u got less votes than ur competitor, what u should do is by going to the grassroots and garner support from the people. But u are so egoist and expect people simply vote for u. People hardly seen what u have done so far when u became a PKR member, and now u expect people to support u?

I am an ardent admirer, I know much u have scarified, but man do u need to wash dirty linen in public??  U are an important member of the team, the citizens who want change, are relying on u, to assist the team leaders to be more professional and to be accountable. 

Azmin Ali

Azmin, u need to beware of ur conduct, people are watching u.

First u wanted the Selangor CM post and now u are after VP post. Personally I would prefer Zaid than u because u have been talking too much but no action.

In Politics, u need to fight. U win some, u lose some. Unavoidable. U lose this time, u fight again the next round.

So Azmin, please have a clean fight. Don't use any underhand tactics! U are still young. U have many years to go. If PKR collapse, what do u have? Anwar won’t be with u like forever man.

There is this saying, by pointing a finger at others, we forget that three other fingers are pointing against us. Respecting the democratic process is one thing, the question here is, did u garner the votes by a fair means, without the interference of Anwar Ibrahim. If it is by fair means, u will have the trust and support of party members, otherwise u may with Anwar unwisely contributed to the disintegration of PKR. The rakyat wants an honest and transparent politician, nothing less.

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar is the head. He is a true politican, a great front man. 

I like this man. He is also a great speaker, just like Mahathir. These are the kind of guys that can lead the people.

But when I remembered back about September 16, damn I feel I’ve been fooled!

If Anwar Ibrahim aspires to be the next PM of Malaysia, he should demonstrate that he's the master of diplomacy and unity, instead of behaving like some US republican leaders. 

Anwar, when u point 1 finger to others the other 3 fingers pointed back to u. U want changes, u change first. Change ur attitude, throw away the hidden agenda in u. This is not a family business, this not just about u, this is about the rakyat. People are getting fed up man.

The statistics show that only 10% voted in the PKR election and with this number of turnout, it is easily subject to manipulation. So the accusation of fraud should be taken seriously. But by sweeping it aside and continuing to blame others does not help at all. 

Do u think Zaid will open his mouth if there was no irregularities on voting? He is a lawyer, in fact, a successful one, it would be impossible to talk like that unless he has a prove. 

I had great respect for u Anwar, but please, why want to promote Azmin so much? 

We know ur gratefulness towards Azmin's loyalty, but that does not mean he should hold a position that he is not qualified for. Go buy him a car or something, and say Thank You.
The rakyat will not tolerate Crony-ism or arrogance.


GE can be held anytime from now until next year. There is little time left. PKR spent too much time quarrelling among themselves. Initially it started with those frogs jumping out of PKR. Then comes this election problem. From external perspective, I see Anwar, Zaid, Mustapha and Azmin were not looking beyond themselves. They see each other as enemy rather than team mates. Election should be used as renewal and not for one to consolidate one power. The primary focus has to be good for the country, it's people and then only party and it's members then finally oneself. Please be honourable and do what it right for the country. The rest will be secondary.

To truly change Malaysia, we need to think about what exactly matters to the rakyat. We have to rise up and look forward. Not play politics all the time. MALAYSIANS MUST AVOID personality worship. We must focus on the REAL ISSUES affecting the rakyat, which is what u have always been saying. We must also REMOVE CRONY POLITICS from PKR if Pakatan is committed to remove crony politics from all of Malaysia.

Be fair guys!


Ben said...

Seratus kali tukar orang pun kalau sistemnya tak berubah, anggaplah kita tak merubah apa-apa. Sikap sombong, tak boleh ditegur, taasub tak ubah macam pihak lawan. Memang patut Zaid, RPK dan Hishamuddin Rais berbunyi kecewa. Keadilan yang patut diperjuangkan bukan parti atau manusia tertentu.

Dakwat Basah! said...

again, long time no see u bro.haha..

well, this crisis shouldn't happen at the time rakyat put hope on pkr. this party is a multiracial party, the only one in malaysia, but what i see is only one race control the top. why don't let other race survive and moving together, by giving the chance to seat on the top. perhaps one race only have one idea.

i agree with u that any problem should be discussed on face-to-face way, on one room, where they could seat together. not in front of the media, especially bullshit media. don't behave like artist la brother, they got little problem with husband/wife, then make a press statement..haiyoo..look idiot!

then what are they going to do with this problem? probably rakyat wont vote them anymore. if this really happen, i will write on my blog, new entry, the tittle is : democracy, R.I.P

allow me to share this entry on my Dakwat basah fb. thanks.

fitri said...

stop squabbling...sit down and discuss..become ignorant to the grassroots will not solve problems..
stop fighting through media because they will twist their words..

Mursyidah (Rue) said...

I hate politics..
its just full of corruption and lies and one sided and bla bla bla..

especially the mainstream medias..
watever~~ we youngters are not stupido..

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