Sunday, October 31, 2010

1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower

I checked on the 1M-Malaysia reject mega tower page just now when I log into my FB account, and I was surprised to see the number is already exceeding 200K!!!

Congratulation Malaysian! This shows that we can unite as one even with the difference background of race and religions. This is the real Malaysian spirit!

Number of fans on the “1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower” page is growing at a breakneck pace — estimated at 1,000 an hour — since it was created anonymously hours after the prime minister announced the new PNB building during his 2011 Budget speech. And now the number is exceeding 200K, and still growing.

But please, I don't think we should be seeing this issue as a UMNO-BN vs PR problem. As Malaysians, we should be concerned about the funds that are going to be used to build this tower. Although coming from PNB, but isn't PNB a trustee of the people's funds?

And still the minister and politician still want to deny it.

"The reason why it was announced during Budget 2011 was because the PM was excited about it and wanted to talk about it,” said Datuk Nur Jazlan.

Are u kidding? So PM can just include a non government project just because he is excited?

We are not stupid Mr. Jazlan, so are u, don't give us that. Deny at ur own perils, yes I agree to that. One word of advise, more spinning and lying will make the people angry and the situation will be worst.

People are tired of the corruption and spending of this government (who ever tries to tell me it isn't our money must think we are idiots) is doing. The average working Malaysia is already struggling with day to day life and we see politicians driving around in new Mercedes Benzs and building luxury condos from our money that was directly/indirectly derived these Mega projects. These are the attitude that sickens the hardworking people of this country. 

If we were to build a new hospital(or multiple hospitals), we would be happy. A new school and public transport we would cheer. But not another symbol of access so that the mistress of our wonderful political elite can go shopping while the rakyat don’t even have enough rice to eat.

The Malaysian government should take leaf from Singapore where every decision is calculated and studied, with facts and figure to back up decisions, where all decisions are pragmatic. With limited land to build offices, Singapore could afford to build the tallest buildings many times over but it didn't.

Now take a look at Malaysia, while not all initiatives are bad, the people are baffled with the money-wasting 1-storey tower with no apparent / practical use. So far the only reason provided was that construction of the building will create jobs opportunities and businesses, but that's only during the construction phase.

So what about after it is built? What then? Will it be fully occupied or will it become JUST another postcard photo snapping opportunity for tourists? Mr. Najib, give us proves that the office space is needed and will not be vacant like many buildings in KL then the people will support the project. By the way, failure by the Najib to provide explanation to persuade the opposing sound is not doing any good on his image and ability to lead.

That's why the young and educated people of Malaysia did not buy in the idea. RM5 billion is a lot of money can that be used for other purpose to benefit the rakyat directly.

And of coz we want development. Who say we don't want it? We just don't want RM5 billion to be spent on building a Mega Tower which majority of us agreed will not benefit rakyat and we think RM5 billion is better to be used in other ways.

U go to KL, yes u have Pavillion, not far from KLCC, u have a lot of shopping complexes adjacent to each other. But how can u sure this is the development we want? I can see teenagers smoking and petting intimately in front of public at Jalan BB, the future looks grim on their face. What kind of plan do u have for them? Go to Bukit Bintang lah, see urself.

If u still want to think we the rakyat is stupid and still want to ignore us, fine. As usual they think they are the boss. Americans used to have that mentality - I know what is best, just buy my product, while the Japanese listened to their customers, and built their product to the specifications of the mass, result - look at Toyota, and compare it with Ford or GM.... and the rest is history. 

Our kids are asked to study history, so Putrajaya, why not do a bit of history as well?

Or at least please go and read Maslow hierarchy theory before proceed with the plan.


ika~~ said...

ouh that fb group wujud eh?
nak like juga lah..

MasZuber said...

good entry fared.

love it.

AfiqahRazak said...

5 billion boleh digunakan untuk mengatasi masalah kemiskinan tegar dalam negara, memperbaiki pendidikan dan dana untuk penyelidikan yang bermanfaat...ruginya...boros sungguh kerajaan malaysia!

Anonymous said...

RM5 Billion please we need the funds here in Sarawak. All our oil and gas has already been sucked dry by you spare some for us please. Come here and have a look at our roads, our infrastructure, our hospitals and the schools here and tell me why you still want to build another mega tower in KL. Don't forget we are part of Malaysia.

Cik Akma said...

nice one.

Abdul Rahman Hassan said...

Is Najib looking at this..????????

what a waste petition...
hope it will work.

ask the big brother to sent this to Najib.... He's lying on the semambu leaves right now... kena demam ciken pox lah...

Anonymous said...

so now that 'someone' is saying that the PM is 'excited' and wants to tell the project that he's excited about in a grand meeting, watched and listened by thousands, sorry, make that millions of people around the world?
owh could do better than that! so now he's telling that the budget meeting is some gossip-like-meeting during lunch hour? what crap politicians we have. I'm ashamed of our government. People around the world is reading this. go kick yourself very hard for that!

Kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I like the way you summed it up. Cheers mate. Greetings from Melbourne.

TJ Chan said...

Najib, imagine these two scenarios:

1. Najib builds a megatower for himself and cronies. You get your megamoney but you are cursed for generations after your death. Definitely not a way to live and leave your legacy. You are happy? Your cronies are happy. People will revolt, definitely!!!

2. Najib builds 100 megatowers to provide FREE housing and organic food for the people. You still get your megamoney but you are blessed for generations after your death. Since these are projects for the people, government can contract megatower construction, rental and maintenance to cronies. You are happy. Your cronies are happy. People are happy. Everyone is happy!!!

famy said...

what were they thinking?

Anonymous said...

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Sue Lovey Dovey said...

hi. as of you, im a malay too. and i think this project would benefit our lots. did it slipped your knowledged that this mega tower will be ONLY given to bumiputeras for renting? 100% bumiputera mind you. and of course you can call in the KLCC or other building for them to carry out their business but as we can easily see without further scrutinizing, these buildings are hogged by other races without giving malays the tiniest chance. My dad is a businessman, an IKS and i am first handed in this issue. this mega tower would give our local IKS a chance to bloom and in turn help out with our economics. The government is opening a way for the malays to liberate yet our own malay are opposing it. just saying. peace.

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog through a random link. Yes, I do oppose and as sue lovey dovey above so eloquently puts it. She is blatantly incorrect. The building of this tower is giving leeway to all sorts of government's inflations to manage wit the budget. An inside source tells me that to compensate for the huge budget, the government is bringing over 240 over foreign investors/companies into the country. So tell me how are the malays are going to be brought up? When's there is more competition in the mix?


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