Saturday, November 27, 2010

Minister Wages

Have u ever wonder how much the salaries of the minister in our country?

With all the mansions, the BMW’s, the Jaguar’s, Lexus and etc, no one can stop from wondering how much they made every month.

Prime minister, his deputy, the cabinet members, how much they made a month?

Here are the recent reports from Bernama regarding to the salaries of our politicians:

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 23 — The prime minister receives a monthly salary of RM22,826.65 according to the Members of Parliament (Emolument) (Amendment) Act 2005 which came into effect on January 1, 2004.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said the deputy prime minister was paid RM18,168.15 while Cabinet ministers are paid RM14,907.20.

The monthly salary of a political secretary effective from January 1, 2004 was RM5,709.99, he said.

He said this in his written reply to N. Gobalakrishnan (PKR-Padang Serai) on the salary and allowances received by members of the Cabinet, political secretaries as well as the total emoluments and allowances paid to members of the Cabinet from 2005 until 2009 at the Dewan Rakyat sitting today.

Nazri said the total annual salaries paid to members of the Cabinet last year was RM5,470,942.40 and RM5,783,993.60 in 2008.

He said a total of RM5,858,529.60 was paid in 2007 while RM5,858,529.60 was paid in 2006 and RM6,007,601.60 in 2005. — Bernama

So here I make it in a point form:
-Prime minister : RM22,826.65
-Deputy P.M : RM18,168.15
-Cabinet Minister : RM14,907.20
-Political secretary : RM5,470,942.40

Open ur eyes widely and look again, the highest position, Prime Minister only make RM22, 826.65.

So this is really mind boggling and defying the principles of accounting on how they and their family members can afford all those Porsche Cayennes and Lexuses.

It is a real joke coz how can salary like that can make these people live like a multi-millionaire.

Is it because of their prudent management of their wages? Well, if that so, kiss my arse.

While the salaries listed are surely sizable enough to the peasants and middle-income urbanites, the huge amount somehow couldn't just justify the huge extravagance displayed by some of the ministers.

Where does their car collection come from? Where does their huge mansions and additional wives come from? Are the numerous side-allowances included in the bill as well? Are there any financial records of the ministers directly dabbling in other businesses (which is, to the best of my knowledge, prohibited by the law)?

Well, RM22.8k may sounds too low for the top job. Checkout Singapore's salary for comparison, even Indonesia's president salary is higher. But that is not a big deal, coz like what our neighbour downsouth used to say, Singapore politicians are the highest paid in the world, but still he is the poorest in Asia. Got what I’m trying to say here?

One word, and that is ‘honesty’.

U only got what u deserve, u don’t steal from the people. That is gentleman. That is honesty. And I can see that in Singapore politicians.

Even though our leaders salaries may look kinda low, but take a look at their assets, and u will mesmerize with how ‘prudent’ they managed their money. 

And what about other perks and privileges? Can they be put into black and white too?

Since we as a tax payers, we must be informed of annual income of PM, DPM, CABINET MINISTER, DEPUTY MINISTER and so on. At least all this information must be made known to public to as it involved their money. The government must make this in transparent manner every year. This is part of freedom of information.

It is so glaring that 'other income' is the motivation to get into politics. The 'dentist' will have to pull many teeth to afford the mansion that he has built with ill-gotten gains. But who is there to go after him-the anti-corruption office, the auditor general, the police, the PM's office?? Forget it they have more important work to do. 

The MACC must says that the leaders know how to spend wisely unlike u silly Malaysians out there who spend money like nobody business. Don't u know the whole cabinet is such great, thrift, wise money spender that all the big houses and cars and millions and billions are the result of wise spending. Don't believe? Join them and u will find out soon enough!

Assume that some of the leader gets less than a PM, how come they can afford the Hilton in Adelaide, the $1mil mansion in the US and other properties in London and Canada? How can they afford about $1mil to travel overseas? Owh wait, of coz they can afford coz one of it was an educational trip to Disneyland to see how theme parks are built, so it must be paid by taxpayers money.

U guys taxpayers just shut up and let them do the job!

Ps : I wonder does MACC has the guts to cross-check the Cabinet and ministers' salaries with their available assets ? Until that day, we can forget about a clean government.


dotsnodds said...

good one there fared!

u wrote: The 'dentist' will have to pull many teeth to afford the mansion that he has built with ill-gotten gains. But who is there to go after him-the anti-corruption office, the auditor general, the police, the PM's office??

the dentist has pulled too many unwanted teeth including wanted ones also, which has left us marhaens with no tooth left to bite back at anything, including him and his ilks. so it is better for us to let other politicians, including oppositions to take care of our coffers. at least the police, MACC, AG, and the whole govt agencies are dilligent enough to always check and pounce on them if they are in power. imagine if they go to great length just to just interview a political aid who is working for a politician who they think has misused his power to buy flags with the amount of RM2400 but they close an eye over the dentist who misused his power to go round the world with his entourage and can even afford a RM24million mansion. better let these goons do work than doing nothing. let the opposition rule so they can do their work catching thiefs and scoundrels instead of makan gaji buta.

CGG said...


Anonymous said...

what i can say is the true is not out there, they hide the true from us. they figure some that village people saw high but, some more high we don't know.. what type of government is it?

remgold said...

kamu janganlah serang mereka beb. tak baik :-)
mungkin itu gaji basic saja kot. tak termasuk elaun. sebab menteri ni attend meeting pun dapat gaji; pergi bercuti keluar negara pun dapat elaun; beli pakaian 'rasmi' pun ada elaun; sebagai MP/ADUN setiap kali dia terbang dari kl ke kawasan, boleh claim hotel, transport, makanan (macam2 boleh claim, jika tak dicheck secara rapi).
boleh dapat beribu2 ringgit! pernah terjadi isu YB kelantan yg claim sampai ratusan ribu, baru kena tangkap sebab bodoh sangat!

ceritanya di sini:

dan MP/ADUN dapat pula wang utk 'jaga kawasanundi'. parti beri agar dapat beri duit sikit jika ada orang kenduri, anak tak ada kasut sekolah, kambing seekor mati.

dapat pula peruntukan drpd kerajaan (kementerian2) - nak pastikan projek jambatan ada, lampu di jalanraya, ibu tunggal ada kerja, longkang dibersihkan, etc.

pendeknya, macam2 depa dapat yg tidak diberitahu kpd rakyat. semua opaque, bukan transparent.
saya tak tuduh mereka mencuri, tapi tidak ada audit independent yg pastikan semua elaun ini dibagi kpd rakyat. kemudian dibentangkan dlm Parlimen dan DUN - bahawa inilah yg diclaim oleh YB Polan agar kita semua jelas.
tidak dibuat BN, juga tidak Pakatan.

ini belum masuk topik kerja under table, yg ramai orang tuduh.
terpaksalah mereka naik Merc dan Porsche beb, takkan YB naik Perdana, nanti (ahem) mudah rosak. bagaimana nak jaga kepentingan rakyat!

Ron Jeremy said...

Mata saya yang terbuka menjadi terbeliak! Well done!!!

Tapi bagaimana pula Ketua Umum tak berjawatan yang boleh berlegar serata dunia (First Class)macam socialite? Adakah dari imbuhan 'semalam' ataupun ditaja oleh mereka yang berkepentingan? Anak buah sibuk berparlimen dan bertanding, Ketua pergi makan angin.

Mungkin saudara boleh mengupas 'kekayaan' orang yang tak berjawatan ini.

Dakwat Basah! said...

bro,tlg jgn kondem menteri..saya x syg menteri..
mana ada menteri nk declare duit komisyen kontrek bg kroni.
mana ada menteri nk declare komisyen beli kapal selam.
tu blum msuk duit lobi sana sini.
jgnlah hentam bro.HAHA..
siapa2 x tau menteri, tggu pilihanraya nnti.yg dtg pki songkok tinggi,baju batik,perut boroi,pakai proton saga lama,dan x merokok. : .itulah menteri.

LiNd@ said...

in your point form info, it should be
political secretary: RM5,709.99

RM5,470,942.40 was the total annual salaries paid to members of the Cabinet ..


Anonymous said...

bodo ini olang yg bikin ini article. p miniter dont have to use their salaries for living. all is free.


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