Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tips How To Reduce Our Body Weight

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Eating is part of everybody's daily routine. For most people this means breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and maybe a couple of snacks in between. But when comes the festive season, like the recent Hari Raya, everyone cannot get away from the eating disorder where we get to eat almost all the time!

After all the rendang, ketupat,kuih raya,  nasi himpit, sate and others, it’s time for us to get back to our initial body shape. People said that it took a whole month of Ramadhan to lose a 3 kg, but only took 3 days of Syawal to gain 10 kg. Hoho. (Is that right?)

So we should do something about this. I bother to write this entry because even me myself is worried about my body shape. My body is getting bigger and bigger everyday (not the whole body, but only at my belly!). So I better take the precaution steps before it comes to worst.
So here I would like to share things that I want to do in these couple of months (hopefully lah) in order to lose my weight. I guess maybe these are the easiest way that we can do to achieve our ideal body weight.

Drink 8 glasses of water everyday

This one is obviously so easy, and broadly recommended. However, not all of us can do it. It is simple, but hard to do. The reason I recommend drinking water is because drinking eight glasses of water per day helps u feel less hungry. I mean ur body is full with water, so basically it will help us to reduce our eating desire. I can’t prove this scientifically, however, usually, I drink 4 cups in the morning and 4 cups in the evening. And on the days that I don’t drink the water, I feel hungrier, earlier. Also, on the days I don’t drink water I feel sleepier, sooner. So I say this from my reading and my own experience. And don’t be so dumb by trying to drink all of 8 glasses of water in a one try. Take it bit by bit, from morning to evening, than from evening to night.

Eat vegetables/fruits before the main course

Even the babies know that vegetable and fruit is very good to human body. Why it is good? Because it is natural, so it has a lot of vitamins and minerals. So what u should do now is, whenever possible, make sure to have an ample serving of a vegetable or fruit before eating the denser main course--often a meat or fish. U will need less of the dense stuff to be happy. Eat these vegetable and fruit first, only then u eat the main dishes. U will be happy to see the result in a couple of weeks.

Make your diet public

Tell people u’re on a diet. Tell ur family, ur friends and everyone around u. There’s no reason to be ashamed to be on a diet. I found that trying to keep my diet a secret was harder than just telling people. In fact, telling people that u are on diet will increase your accountability. It motivated me knowing and imagining that my supportive friends and family just wait to laugh at my face when they knew I will give up easily after few days after talking big.

Divide up your meals so that you eat 5-6 small meals a day

Eating small meals gives ur body time to digest and burn up ur food or "fuel" at a steady rate. Try to divide ur meals everyday as much as u can. If before this u eat 3 times a day, try to make it 5 times, or 6 times a day. And again, don’t be idiot by not understand my meaning here. Of coz I mean by divide ur meals, u have to take it in a small amount everytime u eat. This is much better than u eat a lot of meal in one time because it’s going to take a whole lot of energy to digest the food after u done eating. So just imagine, if we eat at mamaks late at night, then we go back home, and straight going to bed. Marvellous! The food won’t get digested and it will just stay there, and the result u won’t have a sexy stomach no more. So from here maybe u can get my point, don’t eat right before going to bed!

Live an active lifestyle

This is the hardest, but the fastest way to get ur body on shape. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, 3 days a week. The type of exercise u need will vary, depending on ur body weight and physical health and well-being. Regardless, u should be doing a mix of both aerobic (fat-burning) exercises like jogging or interval training, and anaerobic(muscle-building) exercises like resistance or weight training. Anaerobic ensures ur metabolism doesn't drop due to dieting while aerobic is best for targeting fat calories.

If u found it hard for u to do, try to take full advantages of ur daily routines. If u usually using elevator at ur office, start taking stairs instead. If u usually riding kapcai to go to ur nearest shop, start walking instead. If u usually playing computer games, start play the real outdoor game instead.  

So these were among the tips that me myself will try to apply in order to get my ideal weight. Plus I don’t want to look fat coz it will bring my confident level down, and people usually assume fat people as a lazy people (I don’t like people assume me lazy even though I really am!). And don’t be mad at them (people who assume u lazy), but mad to ourselves coz we ourselves let that thing happen by not taking care of our body.
Remember, whatever happen, try to stick with the plans. There are no tricks to it. Remember how u learned to ride a bike? It took a lot of practice and willpower. First, u had to have training wheels, and then u had them removed and it was scary, but the whole time, u had a vision in ur head of urself riding a two-wheel bike. U looked around the neighborhood and saw other kids and adults riding bikes, and u thought "I can do that too." And u can. With a strong will to do something, anything is possible!


Hello, my name is Fared Isa....nak berkenalan ke? hehe...


Asielah said...

hahaha... itu ke fared isa?! mmg nak sgt berkenalan kalau mcmtu! hehe..

good luck to us! yeay! :)

Anonymous said...

good luck~~~

timun cino said...

dun really agree on ur 3rd facts. well, i'm kind of ashamed to tell people around me that "wei, i'm on diet!!". if my tummy suddenly going crazy to eat a lot of stuff such as fast food or sumting, people definitely laugh at

and i try to have a sexy stomach!!haha

MasZuber said...

sedang dalam usaha to reduce some weight. not an easy task when my metabolism rate r getting lower these days..

Cik Tima said...

good tips! :)

mari bersenam! huhu

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't agree with it.


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