Wednesday, September 1, 2010


NAH!!! SUCK BANANA!!! (while showing the middle finger)
Okay, this is among the controversial lyrics and video that draw the country attention in these past few days. This song was not rapped by Eminem nor P. Diddy, but from our local rapper, Namewee.
Namewee, or his real name Wee Meng Chee, being investigated by police for posting a video on YouTube condemning a principle who allegedly made a racist statement recently. He will be investigated under the Sedition Act.

This Eminem-to-be-rapper, age 27-year-old and from Muar, made first headlines with his infamous ‘Negarakuku’ which was regarded as a mockery to the national anthem in 2007, which he did while studying in a university in Taiwan. He made a public apology and the matter was laid to rest.
Since then, the rapper had also been criticised for hitting out at Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) after his home in Muar was hit by a blackout and for his views and sentiments on the Chinese independent school system.
For this latest case of insulting the headmistress, here were among what Namewee said:
 “I am sad that the authorities have done nothing against the racist principal but instead focused their attention on me. I do not regret what I have done as I love my country and do not want a small group of people to stir problems,”
My main reason for uploading the new video was to stand up against racism,” he said, adding that he used obscene language as a form of communication and did not intend it to offend anyone.
In Namewee’s official blog, there was an entry which explained the expletives he used.

I have used obscene language blatantly as a form of communication in some of my videos but that does not mean I am not educated or that I have committed a serious crime. Vulgar content was chosen only with the objective of bringing forward my point of view (and the view of many people) with more impact”, he said.
And one of the posting in his Facebook page :
Three police cars finally came to my Muar home to arrest me. This happened 15 minutes before our 53rd National Day Celebration, Yes, I’m still here but for how long more, I don’t know … my beloved Malaysia, where is our justice system?!
The video entitled ‘Nah’, which is a slang word for ‘no’, used strong obscene language to refer to an incident where a Johor headmistress, Siti Insyah Mansor asked Chinese students to return to China; and made references to the Hindu’s prayer strings as dog leashes during school assembly, which irked the non-Muslims.
Namewee removed the video from YouTube on Sunday, after prompting criticism from various parties including ‘the beloved’ Prime Minister Najib Razak who reportedly urged action against those who try to stoke racial tensions.
I don’t know which side to support in this case. If I support Namewee, many Malay will be mad and hate me. Okay actually I don’t really care if people want to hate me, but honestly I don’t really like Namewee’s style.
Yes, to be honest, Namewee's reaction is no more different than of many of us who yell and do a middle finger when some one's car cuts queue, or when some sleepy Jabatan Kerajaan takes bloody long to process our applications (owh sure u know what I'm talking about?!). But the difference is, we should not do it publicly as Namewee did.  By using that kind of foul language plus showing his middle finger to show his anger publicly, it won’t solve the problem. Plus, it brings another problem where it can create tension and hatred among people.
And of coz I also not support that Cikgu Siti Insyah. Siti Insyah was quoted as saying in at least one police report:
“Chinese students are not needed here and can return to China or Foon Yew schools. For the Indian students, the prayer string tied around their neck and wrist makes them look like dogs because only dogs are tied like that,”
I don't know how much genuine the report was, but if it's happen to be true, please, what kind of Cikgu that willing to say such things to her student? Is it appropriate to call her students dog?! Owh Islam never allowed one person to belittle another person. And for me, u can never belittle anybody as long as he/she is not Jews! That Cikgu shouldn’t say anything that can create racial tension, and as a teacher, she supposed to be a role model to the students!
So I stay as neutral. Don’t want to be in any side, and will just scorn both of them. 
I do not in anyway condone Namewee's actions but I hope that if at all any action is to be taken against him, then the government must also take strict action against the headmistress. Be fair and consistent then we will support ur actions. People will see the vast difference in treatment between Siti and Wee. So be consistent and then people would at least know that there are such thing as fair play.
Don’t let certain people could get away scott-free for saying and inciting racial or religious comments but some people got hammered for saying the exact things but from different perspectives. Nobody will listen to such advises from people who are obviously bias and full of prejudice.
So good luck and all the best to both Cikgu Siti Insyah and Namewee. Hope u guys learn ur lesson. Well if u excuse me, I have banana to eat, coz it full with pottasium and good for my brain. NAH!!!

P/S : Actually, I wonder why don't they get rappers to counter rap Namewee? Anyway that’s the rule rite? When people rap-attack u, u rap-attack him back! Maybe they should get Ibrahim Ali tag team with his best friend Khairy Jamaluddin to counter rap Nameweee! HAHA!


Benrauf 2.0 said...

I'm not sure how true is that police report against Cikgu Siti - we know the kid is some Hindraf's lawyer's child and I do not like Namewee much euther but lets take if we are born a non-Malays (Malays in the term of constituency) eg. Punjabi, Chinese, Orang Asal in this country, surely there will be time that we would need some Namewee to speak for us.

Fared Isa said...

@Benrauf 2.0

yes, I couldn't agree more... ;)

famy said...


Fared Isa said...

@ famy

??sure what??

Kenny said...

Huh? So people can be racist to only one type of race - the Jews - are you a REAL muslim? or are you a REAL human? what nonsense is this? care to reply?

Fared Isa said...


Sorry, I mean zionist Jews..yes,I'm a muslims, and I'm a human, so what?

Anonymous said...

"I have used obscene language blatantly as a form of communication in some of my videos but that does not mean I am not educated or that I have committed a serious crime." -Namewee

oh,so this is how an educated person express their point of view.

Afiq Abd Rahman said...

Mercy to the Jews. but not Jews with Zionist Ideology. To hell with them!!

what Namewee does is trying to fight racism, its ok then. but his way is like :-

Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity. get it? LOL sorry harsh words. please don't delete fared :D

nur.najib said...

if you hate racism , why on earth you re-pay it back with racism ? thats an easy analogy.

and if someone claimed they are against racism , they wont condone what NAMEWEE did,what the HM did. if ppl see NAMEWEE is a hero,then again, you are bias.

well,use your ballot if u didnt satisfy

nur.najib said...

one more thing : as a good muslim , there is no need to use foul language. and it is applied to non-muslim too since all religion teaches on good behaviour.
ALLAH knows what we write & we will be responsible for it in akhirat.wallahualam

fikah mus said...

couldn't agree less with your suggestion for someone to counter-rap namewee.
somebody should do it.

Lan said...

I agree on the fact that both sides have done wrong. These things shouldn't have to happen, let alone it happening near independence day . Some people should just be more patient and not to spark some racial tension.People on the receiving shouldn't have fight fire with fire, the fire would just grow bigger. What a pity,throw away racism please, be more tolerant towards each other, our country is supposed to be a peaceful country , and we should be proud of it .

So people , show some love , no racism , no discrimination .

Anonymous said...

well,no hard feelings to anyone not trying to say Malays,Chinese or Indians are a good race.

but,we should be proud that in Malaysia,we have 3 different races and im sure each and everyone of us know at least 2 languages...unlike other country with only 1 race and only 1 language.

Malaysia a very unique country in whole wide world...
for the headmistress to say that to the student is really unfair and doesnt make sense at all.

bout Namewee, yes,he wants to stop the racism in Malaysia because he love Malaysia,but with what he did is not right because this will cause the racial tension more.

i understand the message he was trying to send out,with those foul languages will make things worst.

as a Malaysian,we should work together to make our country to live in peace and harmony... =)

not chasing the other races out from Malaysia,saying bad things bout other races like insulting their cultures.

though the 1Malaysia concept is unclear,i believe what our PM wants it 3 races in Malaysia to live in harmony.

p/s:im just speaking from my point of view as a Malaysian because i do love my country too. i dont want my fellow friends from different races to hate each other... =) *peace*

take care and have a nice day...

MasZuber said...

salam ziarah,

lets see hows our authority handle this issue. but one thing for sure, both party did a mistake and action need to be taken for both namewee and the head of school. no bias hopefully this time or else people would not stop criticizing hws competence our law system.

Anonymous said...

im not racist. im happy to be here with all chnse, indian and d others. its fun~


Anonymous said...


Emira Darmia said...

i dont agree with what he said bout this :-

"Waktu subuh pukul 5 pagi
Ada seruan azan untuk kejutkan aku
Kadangkala ada lagu sekali
Sama macam nyanyi lagu cinta
Kadang-kala suaranya diubah jadi macam gaya RnB
Walaupun kadang-kala mereka menyanyi sampai jadi sumbang
Atau kadang-kala mereka menyanyi sampai serak
Sesetengah suara mereka sama macam kokokan ayam jantan, tetapi mereka lebih awal dari ayam jantan"

come dah bukan ckp pasal racism...ini ckp pasal religion...i'm mad only because of this....isu ni x patot bangkit if dia paham sebenar2nya makna hidup sharing..if dia begitu paham pasal merdeka..if dia paham PERLEMBAGAAN....islam - agama rasmi malaysia...tok moyang dia dulu sebelum merdeka dah i rase org yg dia should blame is datuk nenek moyang dia sbb agree utk stay dekat malaysia even tho dah tau islam agama rasmi kat sini...ntahla...rase if i bunuh mamat ni pown berbaloi...cilaka je mulot...

wadah said...

"If I support Namewee, many Malay will be mad and hate me."
why should care?

if only namewee is malay,maybe no one would condemn him right?yes he use a foul words,but who can't stand when someone like inshiah(i guess i spell it right) talked like that about their race?she use very 'fine' words to 'compliment' the indian.i think inshiah is more far than worse than namewee.
and hey,i don't hate namewee.he is hero who stand up for his race.
dan saya orang melayu.

wong abdullah said...

namewee n ibrahim ali r both racist only difference namewee more artistic. siti inshah bukan siti nurhaliza.... like the idea of rap attack, maybe will create an explosion of rappers in malaysia, good for our music industry.

lolahunny said...

Namawee should seriously burn in hell.
I hate people who wants to ignite racial tension.

He is NOT A HERO. No he is not.


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