Saturday, September 18, 2010


News of the death of cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya, 47, has shocked our country on the Raya day. Malaysia was presented with a rude shock. Sosilawati and 3 innocent people were brutally murdered apparently during the Ramadan.
It was revealed that the four were murdered (their neck were slashed before being stabbed many times at the bodies), then their bodies were burnt to ashes which were then scattered in rivers and streams in the Banting area.
This is no chill case. This is no amateur level of killing. This is damn serious, where only can be done by the smart and professional killers. And these smart and professional people turn out to be engineered and masterminded by two brothers of lawyers (one of them carried the Datuk title) and their bodyguard.

Talk about these villain lawyers, they were very impressive and good in what were they doing. Police reported that they have asset around RM200millions, a lot of houses and around 17 luxuries cars. Dude, that’s something. They must be very smart, but smart in a wrong way lah. Even Botak Chin is beginning to look like an angel compared to these lawyers.

And I once read in alternative news saying that this lawyer's office is just right across the police station's reception counter, hardly 50 meters away. And do u know where he stays? In Taman Cempaka, also right across the police station. That their “farm” at Taman Endah was conveniently located only a stone throw’s away from the Hindu disposition site for the cremated ashes of the dead could explain why some of the dead have disappeared without a trace. How very convenient. Kill the victims, cremate them and throw the ashes together with the rest of the Hindu dead at Morib’s established beach site location. A slick morbid operation indeed.
But they made a big they made one silly mistake. This time the victim was a prominent figure. It becomes a national issue in no time. Bank transactions as well her travelling schedule were documented. So the polices had no excuse except to investigated further and managed to get the culprit.
Actually I wonder why Sosilowati bring along a lot of cash with her. It was reported around RM4millions, the money of buying land, deal with the lawyers. Why she carried large amount of cash is still a mystery to me. Ever heard of checks? Hmm, guess probably don't want the money trail to be traced.

And now let’s talk about police. It is clearly a case of incompetency by our PDRM. Police reports have been lodged before linking these evil lawyers to various cases. No action taken. Even the bar council has suspended these maniacs. If it wasn't Sosilawati who was murdered but some other Malay woman, I doubt there would be much hue and cry.
I think these murders could have been avoided if our police force had been more professional. Clearly the police took a “tidak apa” attitude or were “in it” in all previous deaths/disappearances. The number of “missing persons” reports all linked to these lawyers emerging all of a sudden out of the blue is testimony to this. What a jokes!

If the police had been even half as efficient before, these animals would have been sent to the gallows earlier.
Internal Minister has said that the crime rate has decreased and Malaysia is probably is safe now, well, based on this case, probably he focus to the VIPs only.
With sincere condolences and all due respect to families of the deceased, what does wealth or success have to do with the value of a person's life? Is the murder of a millionaire more tragic that the murder of an ordinary person? 

Let us not forget that Teoh Beng Hock and Kugens's deaths were also 'insane' as is the murder of any man, woman or child. Not to mention Altantuya C4 case, still cannot be solved,

But whatever it is, still I want to congratulate the police for picking up the suspects so quickly this time. If not because of this Sosilawati’s case I guess more people would be killed in that horrendous farm. God Bless the souls of Sosilowati and friends. We truly need a better more efficient police force who would faithfully serve the nation and not the politicians.
But we should also not be too quick to rejoice. This is still the same where the prosecution can be tainted or evidence made to disappear so that all the suspects have to be acquitted. Being a high stakes crime with lawyers as murder suspects, we should keep up the pressure to see the murderers convicted and hung for their violent and heartless crimes. In a country so ridden with corruption, these cold blooded murderers can go free by buying the right investigating officer, AG's office and etc. We need to pray for justice to prevail so that others would think many times before doing similar crimes.

Few info about Sosilawati :
-        -  from Kampung Sri Menanti, Sri Medan in Batu Pahat, Johor.

-         - struggled in her early days along with her 13 siblings, to the extent of tapping rubber to supplement the family income. 

-          - attended private school after failing her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). 

-          - Upon completion of her studies, Sosilawati became a saleswoman in a supermarket for 18 months before securing a clerk's job with a hotel.

-          - Turning 20 and being unaccomplished, Sosilawati ventured to Kuala Lumpur in search of better prospects, landing a secretarial job in a bank. She eventually married a bank manager a year later. She bore him six children before a divorce 12 years later. 
-          - early years when she had to go from door-to-door to sell cosmetic products.

-         - used her savings over 13 years to establish Nouvelle Beauty Centre Sdn Bhd, the retailer of Nouvelles Visages (NV) brand of beauty products, in 1994 with an authorised capital of RM500,000 and an issued capital of RM200,000.

-          - Within 10 years, she had 300 stores and stockists throughout the country including Brunei, Singapore and Thailand.

-         - married rocker Nashrudin Elias @ Nash from the group Lefthanded in Nov 2006 and divorced on May 26, last year.

-         - She is contesting a claim for RM1.38 million from Nash at the Syariah High Court.

-          - She and her daughter Erni Dekritawati Yuliana Buhari were the directors of the company which had total assets of RM6.37 million, total liabilities of RM5.01 million and reserves amounting to RM1.16 million.

-          - In 2007, Sosilawati was one of the six women who won the Johor state "Wanita Nadi Negara" award for their outstanding contributions and achievements in community service, business and nation building.

We should all offer our condolences to the grieving family. This is a great loss to the family and also to our country as a genuine entrepreneur, what more a lady, is so rare. Same goes to the other 3 victims, condolences to all.
May Allah bless your soul.


remgold said...

one of 13 children, worked as rubber tapper, failed SPM, worked door-to-door selling products... she had a hard life. but worked hard to improve her lot. and even has 300 stockists now - ie she was helping families make a living.
god bless her soul.

Anonymous said...

tapi polis kate mereka ni xpro. faktor nsb baek j. ape pon. dahsat la~

gadisBunga™ said...

the case is being dug deeper now. frankly i feel like watching one of the CSI episodes or another hindi movie.

whatever it is, lets pray that the killer will finally be hung to death. he must be outsmarted

-li.zue- said...

damn cruel!
bakar smpai jd abu.takde kubur dah untuk anak2 and family nak datang ziarah.takkanlah nak ziarah sungai tu kot. T.T

khairul_bariyyah said...

dan dapat taw jugak... org 2 je pandai2 letak nama dia da datuk
pada hal bukan ada title 2 pon.. huhuhu..

pape pon,al-fatihah~

Benrauf Project said...

People killing others for money not realizing, they might live happier without it. ILWIIR.

Anonymous said...

agree with you, wonder what had happen in PDRM after the wife of the Indian man reported his husband missing immediately after met these guys. Perhaps nothing since he's a nobody.

Anonymous said...

Genial fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

Anonymous said...

malaysian cop are corrupted..

Anonymous said...

hey,what is smart in the right way, if you're working for a wrong company that deals with the wrong people with wrong intentions? Everything that is right to me might be wrong to you..don't you think so? What is right and what is wrong?


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