Sunday, May 9, 2010

Forgive me ibu...

Son : Ibu...

Ibu : Yes my son...

Son : Can I ask u something?

Ibu : U can ask me anything my dear son. What is it?

Son : I think I want to move out from here and follow my friends to work at the city ibu.

Ibu : What?

Son : Yes ibu. We are too poor ibu. I want to go and work at the city to try my luck there. Who know someday I’m gonna be rich and famous. I can change our family fate ibu.

Ibu : But u can work from here, in this village my son. There's a lot of work here.

Son : No ibu, I don’t want to work here. I want to follow my friends footsteps by going work at the big city. Besides, I’m tired of this village. I lived here for almost 20 years ibu!

Ibu : My son, please don’t say that. This is our village. Besides, everyone in this village is good with us. U don’t know what might happen in the city. Its not easy to live at the big city my son.

Son : I don’t care ibu!

Ibu : My son, u know that I’m too old to live alone. U are my only son. U know that I have nobody else in this world. U’r father died a long time ago. Nobody gonna look after me my son. U can work from here if u want to find money my son. U can also be rich by working here. Remember my son, ‘rezeki’ is everywhere, we just need pull effort to find it. Allah will help us my dear son, insyaAllah.

Son : This is so unfair ibu!!! U are so selfish!!! Is it appropriate for me to waste my future just because u want me to take care of u???  Why should I waste my life to look after u!!!

The son is so mad and run to his room and slammed the door so hard. He started to pack his bag so that he can leave his home immediately.

Afte finish packing, the son come out from his room, this time bringing his bag along with him.

Ibu started to cry. Her only son that she hardly raised since he was born want to live her alone.

Ibu : My son. Please don’t live me. Please my son. I’m begging u. It’s okay if u don’t want to look after me my son, I just want u to stay here with me so that I can watch u everyday. I just don’t want to separate with u my son. I never live u alone since the day u were born my son. I cant bear to not see u face even for a day my son. Please my son.

The ibu is crying and begging his son not to leave him. She even falls to her knees and hug her son legs to stop him from going.

But the son seems not to care for his mother. The son lost his patience, he hated her mother so much, then suddenly like a crazy person, he kicked his mother so hard at her mother’s face.

Again and again he kicked his mother so that his mother will let go off his leg.

At first the mother still didn’t want to let go her son, she embraced her son leg so hard, she loves her son so much. But she can bear the pain when her son keeps kicking her. The tight hug become weak and weaker, then son managed to get away from her.

The son walks away from home. He left her mother who still lying down on the floor, bleeding and crying.

The son never looks back. He started his journey. Because he ain’t has any money, he just hitchhiking from one village to another.

The night comes. The son is too tired to continue his journey. He decided to stop at the next village. Arrived at the village, the son walk around the village and try to find a place to sleep. Because he got no money, he decided to sleep at the ‘surau’ in the village.

He found a ‘surau’ in the village. The night is too old. Nobody is there in the surau. So he just give salam and walk into the surau. After pray jamak magrib and Isya, the son lie down on the surau’s mattress. Because he is too tired, he falls asleep not long after that.

Suddenly, something happen.

Around 4 a.m, there is somebody walk in to the surau. He is a thief. He tries to brakes the tabung surau. At that moment, the thief didn’t realised there is somebody who sleeping at the surau.

And because of too tired, the son also didn’t even notice there’s a thief in the surau. He sleeps like a baby.

Suddenly not long after that, another old guy walks in to the surau. He is the bilal. He comes early to get the surau ready for the subuh prayer before azan. The bilal walk in to the door, and that moment he realised somebody at the tabung surau. He tries to look carefully in the dark and then he realised that somebody is trying to steal tabung surau.

The bilal is so shocked and quickly run out of the surau and scream for help.


All the villagers heard the scream. They all immediately come to the surau to catch the thief.

When the thief realised he is in danger, he try to figure out what he need to do to save himself. Then he got one idea.

As he sees so many villagers outside the surau, he slowly slips out and joins the crowded villager and nobody noticed him because the thief also lives at that village. Then suddenly, the thief is the one who screams louder than others,

Thief : Help!! Help!! Somebody tries to steal our money! There is somebody inside the surau! He is the thief!!

So when the villagers heard the scream, they don’t expect the real thief is the thief.

While the son in the surau just realised there’s noisy voice from outside of the surau. He gets up and walk out to see what happen. Arrived at the door he is surprised to see there is so many people crowding at the ground. He starts to feel something wrong when he sees all the people looking at him like want to kill him.

Then the thief screams again;

Thief : He is the thief! That boy is the thief! We never see him here at this village before! He comes to our village to steal from us! Catch him before he run!!!

After the villager heard the scream, they immediately catch the boy and harshly bring him to the ground.

Son : Please, I don’t know what’s going on. Please don’t hurt me.

Thief : Stop pretending! Don't act like u innocent! U comes to our village to steal right!

Son : No I’m not. Please listen to me first. I come here to this village just to sleep.

Thief : U lying! The bilal saw u trying to brake the tabung surau!

Son : No i’m not. I’m not a thief. My mother never teach me to steal! Please listen to my explanation first. Please.

Thief : Stop talking! O the villagers, lets punish him so that he learn his lesson!

Then the bilal says,

Bilal : Wait, we cannot punish him yet. I’m not sure whether he’s the one who tries to steal just now because it’s too dark. Lets wait for Imam to come here first to decide!

When the thief heard that, he starts to worry. He needs to convince the villagers to punish the son immediately.

Thief : No! We should punish him right away! We can’t let him go just like that! His makes a huge mistake by trying to steal from the surau! Surau is the place for worship, not for stealing! Am I right my fellow villagers?

Then the crowded villagers seem to lure by the thief. They all scream


The thief feels so happy and then he tries to lead the moment.

Thief : Let’s cut his hand so that he can never steal again!


His scream is useless. The villagers hold him down and cut his right hand bit by bit using the knife until his hand separate from his body. Blood spurs out like a water. The son screams like crazy because he can’t bear the pain.

Thief : He still got his left hand! He still can steal with that hand! Let’s cut his left hand also!

The villagers agreed and again they hold him down and start to cut his left hand. The son crying and crying. He feels so sad with his faith.

 He just can watch his hand being cut without managed to do anything. Tears never stop coming out from his eyes. now he has lost both of his hand. Hand that he depends to bring money by doing job at the city.

Thief : My fellow villagers! He still got his leg! He still can go to one place to another to do a bad thing! We should also cut his leg!

Son : Ya Allah... why this happen to me.....

The son talk to himself, he got no energy left to protest to the crowded.
The villagers again hold him down and start to cut his right leg. This time the son cannot bear anymore. He screams as loud as he could and only one word that comes out from his mouth,


Now the son remember his mother. Now the son realized how important his mother to him. But it's too late.

The thief still not satisfied, he want to poison the villagers mind to cut the son left leg also, and before he managed to do that, the imam arrived...

Iman : STOP! STOP! What are u doing?! Masya Allah! What is happening!

Thief : We punish him because he tried to steal from us Imam.

Imam : Who are we to punish people like this! AND THIS IS NOT A PUNISHMENT, THIS IS KILLING!

Thief : But Imam, he tried to steal from our surau....

Imam : Are u sure he the one who tried to steal? Do u have any witness?

Thief : Imam....

The thief is now afraid and freed from the scene. The Imam then gets close to the son, so do all the villagers.

Imam : Owh young men, I’m so sorry this happen to u...

Son : I deserve all this.

The Imam is surprised because the son says that he deserved all this. Does anyone deserve to get hands and leg cut, the imam asks himself in confuse.

Imam :  Why u say u deserve all this? Did u really try to steal from this surau just now?

Son : No Imam. I’m not a thief and I never steal anything in my life. Ibu never teach me to steal Imam.

Imam : Then what makes u say u deserve all this?

Son : I say I deserve all this because I am ‘anak derhaka’ imam. Before I come here, I did a terrible thing that no children ever do to any mother. I broke my mother’s heart. I left her alone when she begging me to stay with her. I disobeyed her order. I kicked her when she hug me. I walk away from her when she’s crying not to live her alone. I told her that she is burden in my life while I’m the one who is burden in her life. I abandoned my own mother imam. I abandoned my own mother who good enough to carry me in her belly for nine months, who hardly born me to this world, who breastfeed me since I’m infant, who never tired to look after me. But what I did I do to pay her back imam, what I did....I kick her imam.. I kicked her....So this is what Allah gave me for being an ungrateful child, for being an ‘anak derhaka’... Now I have no hand, I can’t do any work for the rest of my life.. I lost my right leg, the leg that I used to kick my own mother..Ya Allah...forgive me....Ibu, forgive me...

The son broke in long tears. He cries like crazy. He regret of what happen to him.

Imam : Masya Allah.... Istighfar young men... Istighfar....

Son : I’m dying imam. I’m dying. Can u please help doing something for me imam before I die.

Imam : InsyaAllah. What is it young men? Just say it.

Son : Now I only got my left leg. I can’t walk. I even lost too many blood in my body. I don’t think I can live any longer. If I die, would u please go and find my mother and apologise to her on my behalf?

Imam : Yes, sure.

Son : Tell her that I regret to leave her. Tell her that I never want her to cry because of me again. Tell her that if I still have a chance, I want to kiss her leg. Tell her that that I’m so sorry, tell her to pray for me so that Allah will accept me in heaven, not throw me in hell fire for being ‘anak derhaka’. I repent Ya Allah. I repent.

Imam : I will tell ur mother all that, insyaAllah.

Son : And one more thing imam, please tell my story to every children that u meet so that they won’t be like me, so that they won’t disappoint their mother like me, so that they will not end their life in tragic way as I am.
Then the son died.


Ps: I write this story to remind us of how valuable our mothers are. Today is mother’s day, and we all should realised this is not just about wishing and buying them present, it’s more than that. We should respect them, love them and never ever brake their heart. Make everyday mother’s day. Never stop thanks them to raise us in this world, appreciate them before it's too late,and REMEMBER, WITHOUT OUR MOTHER, WE ARE NOTHING.


Anonymous said...

tq very much for this article.. hargailah ibu.. susah sgt2 nak raise up kita nih.. balaslah jasa selaguih hayat kita dikandung badan walaupun we know dats whole of our life is not sufficient utk balas semua jasa mak..

Anonymous said...

hg mmg penulis trbaik...

xanaMariyah said...

good story!
memberi keinsafan pd sape2 yg baca...=)

ain fathihah said...

huhuhu...walaupun dah tahu kisah ni, tiap2 kali baca, saya masih tersentuh...

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


Fared Isa said...

thanks guys... =)


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