Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There is one person that colors our life, one person that always cared about us, one person that always been with us in whatever condition it might takes, and that person’s name is MOTHER.

We all have mother. We were born by our mothers who hardly carried us in their belly for 9 months. We were breast-fed by them every day since the day we were born until reached 1 or 2 years old. We were taught to crawl, till we can walk, till we can run, till we can jump, and even till we can fly to lead our very own life.

Do we still remember that once upon a time, who used to hold us? Who used to clean and clothes us? Who used to always been with us when we were sick and stay up all night to look after us? Who else willing do this to us? No other human, than our very own mother. I bet even our own father cannot beat our mother in order of taking care of us.

Well, I would like to touch a little bit of one good example of a great mother instead of our own mother, and her name is Saharah Atan, the grieving mother of Rasidi Ismail who is in charged with the murders of his own biological father, sister and grandparents. This dude, Rasidi, he killed his own father, cut his father’s head off and bring the head on the bus to bury it at somewhere else. I don’t know what kind of psycho acted was that, but I do have a huge respect to his mother, Saharah Atan. Even though she lost her husband, her daughter, and her parents-in-law, she is still willing to forgive her own son. She even cooked his son’s favorite foods and sent it to prison. She clearly state that she forgive her son and even said that she willing to follow all the court proceeding to give support to his son. OWH WHAT A GREAT MOTHER. I pray for your happiness Puan Saharah Atan. May God bless u.

So that’s one of example how forgiving a mother is to her children. I bet almost all the mothers in the world are like that, willing to accept and forgive their children in anytime and any reasons.

But, we, as children, are full of shit. We tend to forget our mother when we are in a solid form. We simply forget our mother when we have a perfect job. We ignored them when we have our own family. We throw them out when we feel that they are too old and bring burden to us. Don’t feel surprised or what, this is so true. Besides, nowadays there are thousand cases of leaving parents in old folks home. Well, maybe that’s A LITTLE BIT better than some of morons who just leave their parents at the middle of nowhere, at bus stop to be example. And to these ungrateful children, don’t be surprised when someday your very own children will do the same to u, throwing u out. Remember, world is round, what u give, u will get back.

So please, God give us brain so that we can think, so use it to think wisely. Stop doing something that might hurt other’s feeling, especially our very own parents. They clearly don’t want our money, they don’t expect anything materialistic from their children, they just want the attention from the children, attention from us. It’s not like it’s going to kill u for u to call them and ask them how are they doing. Just show them some love and concern. That’s more than enough. It will make them happy.

Don’t ever forget that their prayer and bless are very important to the success in our life and afterlife.


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