Thursday, January 7, 2010


2010 has come, leaving 2009 behind. We come to the new phase in our life, and we turn to the new page in the new chapter. The page that we should properly think before we start to write history on it.

Proportional with the New Year, we become one year older, one year more mature, one year leaving our childish attitude behind, and not to say but one year near to our death.

Reading newspaper recently was kind of cute, shows how 7 years old kids start their new journey in the new school as a student. Some were happy meeting new friends, some were asking for their parents to accompany them outside of the class until the school was over and some were crying so loud as they parents were going to leave them forever. Hmm, kids, always innocent…

Hope it’s not too late for me to congratulate for those who pass with flying color in their recent examination, keep it up friends. But for those who were not doing very well, it’s okay guys, don’t be sad, keep trying, never ever give up, remember, we still got a chance as long as we still breathing. Actually, its okay for us to make mistakes sometime, coz it will grow us up, it will open our eyes and our mind to be more careful in the future. Just don’t give up. Every time we fall down when we running, we should quickly stand up, and run again. Don’t let failure kill our passion to achieve our dream. Success is for everyone but who stop trying.

Talk about dream, everyone must have set a new dream that everyone hope to achieve this year. It’s good to set a dream, but it also should be come with the plan in order to achieve our dreams. We won’t achieve anything by just hoping and dreaming, we should put together an effort, plus pray to the Almighty, only then we have the possibilities to achieve something that we desire.

Speak as Malaysian, we also should not forget to forge our country to the top level. Everyone who loves their country wants their country to be prospers. To bring prosper to the country, it involves a lot of steps, a lot of works, efforts and commitment, not just from the Prime Minister and Ministers, but also from us, the citizens. Like others leading countries, the keys to any countries to prosper are by democracy, the liberty to speak, as from that we can have a strong fundamental to create a country with a solid economy. But sadly, I’m sorry to say, I don’t think our government is practicing the real values of democracy. Someway and somehow, it look like mass media has been conquered by certain parties, people who speaks to much being detained and tortured in ISA, and certain others disadvantages that we should really look into. We don’t want another silly case of missing jet engines that cost our tax money more than RM100 millions to happen again. We don’t want another scandal of people was being killed at our very own government office like what happened at the MACC office. We don’t want any more mistrust and corrupt like the case of PKFZ ever happen again. We want the real government who can govern our country and manage our tax money properly. Whether we like or not, it’s our responsible as citizen, especially the youth, to bring the change to our country. It’s not that hard to differentiate between right and wrong, we just need to use a little bit of our brain to think, think fairly, open up our mind, for the sake of our country so that we have a better Malaysia in the future. Hitler once said “how fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think”. Refer to the phrase, this will give the sole power to government to do whatever as they like, and we as a smart youth should beware to not let this thing happen, no way and at least not in front of our eyes. Please spend some time to think about these.

So here are some of my suggestion of what we generally would love to do this year, read more ; sleep less, action more ; speak less, exercise more ; eat less, smile more ; hate less, friends more ; enemy ZERO.

Finally I wish u all Happy New Year. Hope 2010 will be better than 2009.

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