Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's not FUNNY cikgu!!!

I really pissed off!! I just read NST online which the title was ‘boy skips UPSR exam over joke by teacher’.
The event happened at one of primary school at Gurun.

Guys wanna know what jokes was made by the teacher to that student until the student no longer wanna come and take his UPSR exam, the teacher has said he might not turn up for the exam because he would fail.

What kind of jokes was that??? Was it funny??? Maybe it’s funny if u told that to a teenager as maybe they can take it as jokes, but for 12 years old kid??? It’s totally not FREAKING funny CIKGU!

And cikgu, let me remind u of your field, your job is to teach, helping student in order to make them a better person, bring the idea to them as they in the process of learning, not jokes around saying somebody this somebody that and worse by saying something like fail in examination!

Of course I didn’t meant this to all teachers, I do respect all of the teachers, they meant world to me, but this goes to that particular teacher who think he/she is so funny. If u think u really good in making jokes, why don’t u go enter the RAJA LAWAK show, and show how ‘lawak’ u were! Go replace Nabil or Apek or whoever comedians that u want!

Seriously, I’m sad when I read this kind of story, and I’m sadder when the parents of the 12 years old student try to pursuit their children to go to school to take the exam, and when they managed to ‘pujuk’ their son, they sent the kid to school, which later the boy came back by himself again saying he afraid to take the exam and didn't take it at all.

See what this ‘funny’ teacher has done to this boy??? It really affected this kid! He no longer has the confidence in his self! Think this in a long run of this boy future, because of one little jokes, it could effected his whole life, his future!

Now think of his parents. How hard they try to pursuit and convince their 12 years old kid to take the exam. This maybe much more easier when u deal with a teenager or adult as they can think by themselves after being told once, but for standard 6 kid, how u expected them to understand by themselves! The mother even said that her kid may not be the best student in his class, but he should have been given a chance to sit the exam. This is the part that really made me sad. Did u guys see what I meant here? Poor the mother.

So what I wanna emphasis here are, whoever we are, how smart we are, how rich we are, don’t ever try to think that we are perfect, never ever think that we are too good and better than others as ‘rezeki’ is coming from God, the Almighty. Even u are the brightest students pun, that doesn’t promise u anything without Allah help. Without Allah blessed, it’s totally ZERO! No meaning at all!

So I wanna remind myself and all here, let’s keep ourselves humble, down to earth and NEVER EVER underestimate others because maybe the one that u underestimate will become more successful or rich than u in the future. Again, nobody perfect. HE’s the one who are perfect. ALLAH. Not us. Not me. Not u. Not even that ‘funny’ teacher.~

And He Allah said, "And don't turn you cheek (in contempt) towards people and don't walk through the earth exultantly. Indeed, Allah doesn't like every self-deluded and boastful person". Sura Luqman Ayat 18


Unknown said...
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Fared Isa said...

yes,dis thing really happened,,
hope it wont happen again,,

Anonymous said...

Happened to me during secondary 1, my history teacher once said that I will fail in my exam. I felt very very sad. After that day, I didn't even have the heart to go to school and especially to attend her class. Never spoke to her after that. I hate her to death till now. Ironically, I managed to get all A's for all subjects and dapat nombor 1 in my class and my school as well.However, tak sempat nak amik all the prizes during Hari Anugerah Cemerlang I changed school.I have been informed by my friend the day after that,that my name was called for prize giving for like every subject and for best student.I didn't claim the prizes as the prizes were kept by my I-hate-you teacher.Sorry, I really hate you and till now I still can remember your face.Now, I'm 24.Anyhow, I do love great teacher.


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