Monday, June 6, 2011

O.W.C : Wife is a Sex Worker

Dr. Rohaya Mohamad suddenly became famous after she came out with this statement: 

A good wife is a good sex worker to her husband. What is wrong with being a whore in bed to your husband?

This is regarding to the latest news about the new club that being launched yesterday by Al-Arqam, the Obedient Wives' Club.

The Malaysian branch of the club, was formed as an answer to social problems such as infidelity, prostitution, domestic violence and abandoned babies, which its members believed stemmed from a lack of belief in God and the failure of women to keep their husbands content.
A wife must obey and serve her husband like "a first-class prostitute" to keep him from straying and to prevent greater social ills, according to the Obedient Wives' Club.OWC international vice-president Dr Rohaya Mohamed said women often forget their "wifely duties", including pleasuring their husbands in the bedroom.
-New Straits Times-

Dr. Rohaya Mohamad, what I think is, u may have good objective but with inappropriate way of telling them.
Well, I may not be the best person to talk about this, but I strongly believed that u supposed to use another words instead of whore or prostitute to address wives.

'Prostitute' is a negative profession in ways more than one. Never apply the same thing to wives. Why disgrace the status of wives to put them in the same level as prostitutes?

Plus I don't recall God saying women are whore.

Any relationship is a 2 way thing. A wife is a lifetime partner in more ways than one. It's true that sex is an all important ingredient in a relationship but not the only one. Women have needs and desires too. They need to be valued and desired as women first and not as sexual objects only.

The world has moved on and society has evolved. I understand that this kind of thinking is hard to be accepted in today's age. Women should be treated as equal partners and men should please women too beyond just sex. The largest sexual organ is not between the legs but the grey matter up there.

Let say if marriage is just all about sex, what happens when u are old and no longer attractive to ur husband?
That’s why it takes both hands to clap. Mutual respect is the key.

Once a man and a woman agreed into the contract named marriage, the issue of fulfilling each other's sexual needs is assumed to have been understood by both party. The problems arises due to lack of recommitment on either side. Marriage is a responsibility, each party should recommit themselves to making the marriage a life-long and happy one. It is also a religious duty to serve ur wife/ husband rightfully and to his/her satisfaction.

The effective way is of course, one must have a proper and disciplined upbringing where they are internatilized with their respective religious education, respect for God and fellow human of both gender. Men who respect themselves, their religions, their God and their fellow human-beings, men and women, will not be irresponsible to their wives. If women must fulfill God's Laws, so must men - be faithful to their wives.

And since medias brought this story up, so many people had voice out their dissatisfaction, especially the non-muslim women.

Yes, u all have ur own right to entitle ur opinion, but please people, if u want to voice out ur dissatisfaction, don’t go overboard. Don’t blame the religion for this. Terok lah if like this. How to be a developed nation when we are focussed only on condemning someone or something? If u want to hentam, hentam nicely but also offer some positive feedback.

Don’t start attacking Islam. It is not the religion, it is the people. The same with violence. Just because someone of a certain faith murders someone, and say he did it in the name of his religion, doesn’t mean the religion is bad. No religion condones violence and bad things and nonsense like this. So get over it and start looking beyond religion and race. Learn and instill some tolerance in ourself please.

Do not base human behavior and judge the religion. The religion is perfect and independent but not the imperfect human.

But here again I would emphasise that I’m not opposing the idea, because they have a good objective. The idea sure is weak but the objective is good.

Sex is only a part of marriage life and a wife's job is not only to satisfy but to also be satisfied. Let the love flame burns to their break of days.

Ps. : It's no wrong to wear sensual lingerie to ur hubby rather than kain batik and baju kelawar with mouth smells sambal belacan. Like Ludacris would say, "She's a lady outside but a freak in the bed."  ;-)


PyPa said...

she just dont know how to use the better words.

Khadija Sakaria said...

or maybe. she thinks she is a whore to her husband. i guess.

naza said...

how does she know how prostitutes serve their customers....this is scary.....n what about that rohaya? she's nowhere like a top class prostitute????

Anonymous said...

i love what u wrote and the thoughts coming from a guy's perspective? thats more likely than enough. Not just us women disagree on it but men too. should put forward this problem and settle it down like grown mature adults. Being equalize to a prostitute? what kind of a person would want to be called that? mybe she thought sexuality is the only thng that is important in a man's eye which is wrong.

Benrauf said...

these peoples turn Islam into a joke. and it is not funny at all.

Anonymous said...

she herself is a whore

Anonymous said...

poor Dr. Rohana..a doctor with no brain..a wife but a whore..if you want to put yourself at the same level as the prostitute, you husband better go to the real prostitute because they are the professional..marriage is not just about sex..suami sepatutnya memuliakan isteri bukan meletakkan isteri di tempat yang hina hanya utk kepuasan give Islam a bad name Dr. Rohana..shame on you!

sarfah said...

I's her choice of words.
Perhaps what she wanted to articulate is similar to that of Laura Doyle, the author of 'The Surrendered Wife' ( Ironically, she's a Westerner and a non-Moslem.

Doyle advocates that wives surrender inappropriate control over their husbands. Dr. Rohaya, instead, use the word 'obey'.

Doyle also says surrendered wives 'takes feminine approach to things'. Dr. Rohaya takes the cake when she says wives should be sluts to their husbands...(ugh).

Moral value: A few words can ruin a good idea!

Dakwat Basah! said...

bro, getting marriage similar to money. lot of people say 'money is not everything, but everything need money'. so do marriage. people will say 'wedding is not about sex at all, but they will enjoy it'.

Kepala Manchiss said...

jangan tahu BUAT saja tapi tak reti nak menjaga. pesanan kepada bakal suami isteri dan yang dah jadi suami isteri.

nice idea beb. keep it up.

AfiqahRazak said...

marriage is not only about sex....

Rue said...

that's why action speaks louder than words~

Anonymous said...

Daripada menghujjah apa yang kita tidak tahu, lebih baik guna masa menghadiri kelas2 agama.
Isteri yg keluar tanpa izin suami boleh didakwa nusyuz.
Isteri yg menolak "ajakan" suaminya, & suami tidur dalam marah, dilaknat malaikat sehingga ke subuh.
"Kemudian jika kamu bimbang tidak dapat berlaku adil (di antara isteri-isteri kamu), maka (kahwinlah dengan) seorang sahaja ..."
"Dan kamu tidak akan dapat berlaku adil di antara isteri-isteri kamu sekalipun kamu bersungguh-sungguh (hendak melakukannya); ..."
Semua dua hala; isteri taat suami adil. said...

Salam kepada semua...nak mintak izin admin nak tumpang promosi perniagaan boleh tak... boleh la klik sini...terima kasih...peace


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