Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TNB Electricity Tariffs Hike is Killing Us!

The Najib administration announced it will raise electricity prices by an average 7.12 per cent from June 1 (tomorrow) in an effort to trim its burgeoning subsidy bill, but promised the hike will not affect some 75 per cent of domestic consumers.

Officials said natural gas prices would also rise by RM3.00 per mmBtu each six months until it reached market levels. They also announce d that the waiving of electricity bills for domestic users who record less than RM20 per month would cease this coming December. The government said it will still spend some RM25 billion to subsidise the gas bill this year.

Well maybe for some people, this price increase is just like taking away their breakfast money. But for poor folks, it's more than breakfast. Trust me, I've been poor before and I know the feeling of sleeping on total empty stomach.

What will all these hikes lead to, of course more hikes! What will the hikes do to the daily lives of the population? Who are the ones who are going to suffer most? Definitely not those who order the hikes but the average citizens whose incomes are fixed, whose wages are not rising in tandem with these hikes.

Yeah, 75% of households not affected, directly. The indirect effects would be higher major consumer items. The government is telling the half truth and don't say what u don't like to hear. With the increase in electricity bill which affects all manufacturers, all consumer items are expected to cost more. Hence, there will be indirect price increase for even the poor folks.

More hike to come. Petrol is next. Then all goods follow, which mean all UP UP WE GO. Salary is the only thing not going up.

Thank u Mr. PM, ur Economic Transformation Plan is working very effectively to convert middle-class Malaysians into poor Malaysians and poor Malaysians into desperate poor! I cannot ask for more, u are right from the beginning, rakyat didahulukan.

I would be happy to see what the government supporter would say and wait until the day they complaint, then it might be too late. Or maybe they won’t complain at all because every time they open their mouth to do so they will get wang ihsan.

The government can only says the people are addicted to 'the opium' but who are the ones who introduced the opium to them? What poor leaders we have!

Honestly speaking, when Idris Jala came to the front, I told my friends, Malaysian economy has hope. Now, I regret what I said. It would have been better if we had taken the bitter pill dispensed by the IMF during the monetary crisis. We would felt the pressure back then, but we won't be suffering today.

The government always comes up with reason for the hike, assuming and presuming that public will understand. Well the simple truth is we are oil producing country. Comparing our mismanagement to the neighboring countries is always the trend by the ruling party politician’s. Public is getting tired of this. People have to think wisely and select government to manage the countries resources wisely. If there is no comparison the public always will be at the mercy of the politicians who is only care for their cronies. Please wake up and do the right thing.

Just wait, and soon u will hear this countermeasure / advised to reduce inflation from minister mouth; to all beloved Malaysian citizen, kindly tighten more ur stomach belt and do more saving. Spend whenever is necessary. If u feel electric is too expensive for u, please buy candle to lighten ur house at night. Soonest or later, government will impose tax on candle due to good demand from poor citizen. Funny isn’t it?

I don't know what we have to do to the stretch the ringgit any further. It's been stretched as far as it can. Wages aren't going up. U can't certainly change ur lifestyle any more cause we changed it the last time "barang naik".  We're at our wits' end!

If like this rakyat have to bear, better no need for Defence Ministry to buy this and that. No need for Najib to organise youth camp and watch Champions League Final, no need for private jets and trips to London to attract imaginary tourists. Just do ur job protecting us the rakyat!

And seriously, I thought Malaysia is a net oil exporter country? When oil price go up ,the country should get more revenue? Why are we cutting subsidies when the country’s revenue is increased? Can some expert explain this?

Don’t forget that Malaysia is ranked 14th in the world in terms of its gas reserves. As at 1 January 2008, the natural gas reserves in Malaysia stood at 88.0 trillion standard cubic feet (tscf) or 14.67 billion barrels of oil equivalent, approximately three times the size of crude oil reserves of 5.46 billion barrel.
Of this, 33.5 trillion standard cubic feet (tscf) or 38% is found off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, 41.8 tscf (48%) offshore Sarawak and the remaining 12.7 tscf (14%) offshore Sabah. At the current rate of production, Malaysia's gas reserves expected to last another 36 years. 

And according to the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) Henry Hub which is pricing point for natural gas in the USA, the latest price as at today is USD4.307/MMBtu. Malaysia current price is already above what a developed country like the USA is charging, why is our government keep on saying that Petronas is subsidizing for the natural gas? They are messing up our natural resources, expect FDI to leave as well!!! Unemployment will increase!!

I thought we are moving towards "high income" society, now it’s more likely "high prices" society. What a joke, pathetic joke!

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