Monday, March 14, 2011

Stupid Berita Harian!

When thousands of lives are lost, it is a time for sorrow. 

But not for Berita Harian newspaper. They drew a cartoon to make fun of people’s misfortune in Japan. They are so disgusting and never meant for normal people with brains and moral.

The paper has brought untold disrepute and great shame to the entire nation and all Malaysians. Typical mentality of national newspapers in Malaysia! Their attitude and perception reflect the mentality of their masters in the ruling government. Disgraceful!

Isn't this proof that Berita Harian proving itself to be a newspaper owned by idiots, run by idiots, and only read by idiots? A cartoon is really bad taste. The BH editor should know better and should not have allowed it at the first place! BH is just like Utusan, lead by morons and incompetent idiots!

Maybe it is because Berita Harian and Utusan have been insensitive to the feelings of the minority races in Malaysia and they have been poking 'fun' on them by playing up certain fabricated issues to entertain their loyal UMNO/BN readers. So, they have sort of cultivated the habit of doing such a despicable act till the extent that even the disaster in Japan to them is fun to talk about. 

And now they want to apologise? And as usual, their apology sounds hollow. What is the point of apologizing ? The damage is done. It's too late. It's already on CNN and many other media. The whole world is now watching it. How other country is going to view us when they pick up this news?! Tasteless and absolutely pathetic!! Poking fun at people's misfortune is not funny at all, and make urself like a dumb clown.

Home Minister what are u going to do about it? Malaysia has been disgraced.

And don’t forget that Japanese companies are among the biggest investor in Malaysia, what if they take this issue seriously and start to move out from Malaysia!!!! Does anyone know this impact????

The Chief Editor and the person who drew the cartoon ought to be accountable for this matter, resign or be fired!!! An apology is not good enough. People has to learn how to be accountable for their wrong doing and not be protected all the time. This is a very serious mistake, it is insulting to the Japanese and also bring shame to the whole nation. 

One more funny thing from Malaysia that bring us disgraceful; just watched the 8.00pm news and wonder why the hell is our "SMART RESCUE TEAM" STILL ON STANDBY while the news mentioned far away teams from USA, UK, Switzerland has already begun their rescue mission. And just a note :- our "tiny" neighbour SINGAPORE rescue team departed on 12th Saturday morning. 

(A) Pictures of PM shaking hands with team- pictures need to be retaken.
(B) Waiting for the PM's wife turn (don't call her First Lady but F__ Lady).
(C) Other Ministers need publicity.
(D) Berita Harian real insulting cartoon.

Why Malaysia always need to be late for everything? Why??!! If like this, better ask the team to quietly go home lah!

The Malaysians were never respected by the establishment. U see, whenever the president of the United States speaks with the press, he is always standing up right, looking his best. Look at the way the Malaysian ministers speak with the press, they are always seated. To make matter worst, they always slouch in their seats as if they are watching TV at home. In the very same way, that is the same attitude the establishment treat Malaysians even through the press, insensitive and have no respect for the readers.

With this tasteless episode, I urge all of u readers out there to stop reading this piece of Berita Harian. If u are still a subscriber to BH and Utusan, please discontinue with immediate effect to avoid brain damage!


Miss Lya said...

Musibah di permain2 kan..malapetaka di jadikan bahan jenaka..
"Good job" BH! heh..

*berdoa semoga semuanya selamat*

Zulkifly Omar said...

saya tak rasa komik strip tu bermaksud untuk mempermainkan.. cuba tengok mesej positif disebaliknya

Anonymous said...

U're exaggerating the facts too much.

DO2HOW said...

x bole buat bgtu, menyinggung persaan org. cuba kalu kita kena tsunami apa persaan anda kalu digantikan ultraman dgn hang tuah yg kononya digah-gahkan

DO2HOW said...

x bole buat bgtu, bole menyebabkn perasaan org sdh terduka dan tersinggung lagi.

apa perasaan org kita kalu gmbr ultraman itu ditukar dgn gmbr hang tuah yg kononya dimegah-megahkn itu dikejar air banjir seperti banjir di tempat kita baru-baru ini. sudah tentu bole menyebabkn marah,tersinggung dn bnyk lg.

kalu jepun tarik balik pelaburanny di malaysia sdh tentu sekelip mata ekonomi kita akan menjunam turun.

Anonymous said...

kite ni jgnlah asyik berfikiran negatif trhadap org lain....mungkin BH ade maksud tersirat yg mahu dsampaikan....sbagai contoh,Jepun sebuah negara yg kuat dan canggih seperti Ultraman pun x dapat melawan kuasa alam...lagi2 takdir Allah...

qierana said...

kepala nenek ko positif!! (emosi)
benda ni hanya lawak bila kena kat Malaysia.

k venugopal said...

ultraman was invented in japan and it was very popular. the cartoonist may just trying to explain that not even ultraman can do anything to safe its country from tsunami. the cartoonist here in the press are too good. i myself enjoyed and laugh at many of their caricature but i strongly disagree with this when the japanese people are suffering. the cartoonist was on the wrong place at a wrong time.

k venugopal said...

saya rasa sedikit terkilan dengan cara kesedihan yang mahu ditonjolkan oleh isteri PM dalam berita tv pada tanggal 13.3.2011. boleh tersenyum-senyum pulak!

manymany3m3 said...

The Electric Train Service from Kuala Lumpur Sentral to Ipoh was something that I wanted to try.

komik strip tu yang tidak bermaksud untuk mempermainkan..
if put on wrong time wrong date ... boleh jadi bermaksud untuk mempermainkan..

Dakwat Basah! said...

ZOY is stupid, this is not joke. the joke is on rosmah statement, jepun dilanda tsunami kerana x mengaitkn pembangunan dgn green teknologi. why don't zoy use this for the next cartoon before zunar took this idea. and for those who say it's positive, where the hell is positive? if really positive, why berita hairan need to apologise?

Nashieha Mustafar said...

Apa yg tersirat?
This is not positive.
The cartoon is not at the right time.


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