Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Letter To My Teenager

My teenager,
U willing to spend thousands of Ringgit to buy the brand new handphone but u never willing to spend RM20 on books.

U willing to stay and watch movies for a whole day but u never willing to study even for an hour.

U willing to go out karaoke with ur friends but u never willing to study with ur friends.

U willing to make ur parents sad but u never willing to make ur bf/gf sad.

U willing to wake up early in the morning to watch football game but u never willing to wake up early in the morning to pray ‘tahajjud’.

U willing to salute ur fav artist but u never willing even to respect to ur own teachers.

U willing to risk ur life by doing dangerous activity such as rempit but u never willing to donate ur bloods to hospital.

U willing to spend ur money to buy expensive clothe but u never willing to donate even a Ringgit of ur money to the poor.

U willing and dare to have a big ambition, but then u never willing to work hard for it to makes it come true.

U willing to make a youtube video to teach people how to wear ur weird style tudung, but u never willing to make a video to remind people of what is right and wrong in Islam.

My teenager,
There is so much to do in life instead of enjoying every minute.

Not that I say u cannot enjoy, have a proper time to do so.

Don’t ruin ur precious teenage time because u just becomes teen for once.

My teenager,
If u easily gives up, u will lose.

If u makes a wrong decision today, u will lose tomorrow.

If u mixed up with a wrong people, u will end up shitting ur life.

My teenager,
There’s a tough life waiting for u in front.

Remember, people are not going to help u.

People are not going to stand with u.

People will be happy and laugh at u when they see u down.

U just on ur own my teenager.

My teenager,
This ain’t fairy tale.

This is the story of life.

This is the world.

The place where people fight every single day so they can get to life for another day.

My teenager,
Nothing comes easily.

Success won’t come easily.

U want to become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, u have to work hard for it.

At the same time, never forget ur religion, never ever.

Be a successful person with IMAN always in ur heart.

And this is my letter to u teenager...


mr Chat said...


Hahaha! Thanks for this reminder dood.

as-syahir said...

thanks, i'll definitely keep that in my mind.=)

Mie Tachi said...

nice one.

eLLa said...


anisizzati said...

seriusly love this.may i share this to fb?


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