Sunday, December 6, 2009

No need to tell the world about it.

People do change. Always change. Some change to good, and not to say some change to bad.

In life, we always have regret, we always do certain thing that we thinking afterwards we could have done differently, and it will end up by making us feeling sad. But why we have to be sad? Why we have to think so much and waste our tears about the past? It’s already past! Just accept it, absorb it, learn from it, make an example of it, or maybe just take it as a faith. Then change! Change to be better so that we won’t regret again in the future like we regret now because of the past. Smart people won’t do the same mistake twice, isn’t it?

But there a certain people that I known, change, to positive of coz, but the problem is, along the way, they showed off, they tell everyone about their transformation, about the kindness that they have made so far in order to change. And this is so wrong!

I’m sorry to say, but I think it’s inappropriate and kinda SILLY.

You change, that’s good, congratulation, but you didn’t have to tell the world about it. You have to remember that you change for yourself, for your own belief, not for the others. What’s the point of u telling everyone about it? It’s very annoying! People will notice by themselves if you really change, and that’s without you telling them!

And let say people can’t see your changing, never mind, there’s nothing to be lose, coz if you really give your full heart in order to transform yourself to be good, you will find the satisfaction in yourself, find the peacefulness in yourself, and please don’t ever forget that the Almighty see it, He see everything, He knew everything about us, about what we did, I mean about EVERYTHING, He already KNEW it at the first place, and that’s the most vital that we should care about. Change for God and for our own sake, not for the others sake. Let ourselves being judge by God, not by the human.

Again, I congratulate for those who put an effort to change themselves, you guys are awesome, and smart, but if just you don’t tell people about it.

Character is who you are when no one is watching. Think about it.

So long ~


Anonymous said...

ble nk upd8 ni...
lmenye ilang....

Billy said...

i will update soon, kinda busy,,,
thanx anyway for the reminder,,,
appreciate,, =)

Dakwat Basah! said...

Character is who you are when no one is watching...
i trust u my frenz.

Fared Isa said...

i truz u too my fren... =)


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