Sunday, April 29, 2012

BERSIH 3.0 -Summary & Pictures

1) Some people arrived during midnight, they stay at hotel or on the street near Dataran Merdeka.

2) Police block most traffic into KL center, people said 3:30 am they started already.

3) People get in using other methods, ie LRT, KTM, walk long distance, etc.

4) People start walking towards Dataran Merdeka. Police make some barricade and force people take much longer route.(confirmed for KLCC)

 5) Dataran Merdeka full, many people stuck far away from dataran, some shops close business, those food stores that do business extremely good business.

6) Leader give speech.

7) Around 2pm Ambiga announce the rally was a successful 1 and ask people to turn back and return.

8) Some idiots wearing Bersih shirt go provoke the FRU, by removing barricades and enter the Dataran Merdeka.

9) FRU deployed, instead of aiming those people who breaking the rules, FRU went trigger happy, some gas canisters shoot into crowd that did nothing.

10) People panic, attempt to flee but the area is so packed, ppl behind dont know what happen and unable to go back.

11) Some people got captured by police, some misuse of power gangbanging... as normal.

11.5) Reporters(local and international) got their camera confiscated, some reporters are being held for taking photo of police using brute force.

12) Police captured dont know who, provoked some gang, and the gang went frenzy towards a police car, throwing almost anything to the fleeing police car, that contains the captured person.

13) Police car lose control as something being thrown hit the driver, and it crash into another gang of crowd that did nothing, 2 injured.

14) People went crazy seeing the police car crash into people, they pull the police out and gangbang him, and free the suspect inside the car, while the injured ppl still around, blood all over the place.

15) People overturn the police car. then people flee as more police coming.

16) People start leaving.

17) Another group of people appeared after most people went away, breaking glasses of shops, police captured them but no picture allowed to be taken.

18) 1 of the 2 injured person hit by police car passed away.

OK if anything got wrong sequence or want to add something or incorrect detail, please leave your comment.


Budak Kampung said...

how bout the 2nd last pict??is it true?

datok said...

haha, i can see to many crowd yesterday, but tv3 had repoted only 300 people join, HUH! Something wrong with my mathematic?

Anonymous said...

I watched what happened in KL on Australian ABCNews24 today. Damn I was horrified to watch what the olice were doing. I did not realise Malaysia was ruled by such a corrupt dictatorship. I sure wont be visiting that place until it becoems a democracy. My absolute best to all the protestors. Best of luck

Anonymous said...

For no. 12 - 15....pls note there are around 4 or more video footage for this happening...if you c d videos, there's a helmet guy that was running & throwing things to d police car...than it all happen so fast...a few started hitting the helmet guy...than they took the police out to bring him for medical help...nobody gangbang the police...they thought there were people underneath d police car, so they overturn hurt by this accident was prob around 4people, d police man, d helmet guy & 2 was being bang by the police car that went out of control..and it's prob more than 500 000 people attended the k.l Bersih 3.0 rally if you look at all the roads, inside the shops, small ally etc. etc...

Anonymous said...

I guest they wrongly punch d media/camera man (with helmet) thinking that he was hurting the police in d car....

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say. Bersih 3.0 more bad than good.

Anonymous said...

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