Sunday, June 14, 2009

Real Madrid become a football bullier ??

This time Real Madrid really pull the trigger. Maybe we can say that they are a little bit show off in buying among the top players to join them despite the global financial turndown where usually somebody would be more prudent in spending money,but not for a men name's Florentino Perez who are the new president of Real Madrid. They spending millions of euros to get world best players such as United's Cristiano Ronaldo, Milan's Ricardo Kaka,Valencia's David Villa and also they have interest in buying Munich's Frank Ribery. It is because of their terrible season especially made by their arch-rival, Barcelona(my fav team =p).

While Chelsea(also my fav team =p) still struggling in finding the new face in their club, new coach Ancelloti (i dont know whether he is suitable for coaching Chelsea, he doesn't speak English!!!) try to bring Frank Ribery into the team, he also interested in bringing his former striker from AC Milan, Alexandria Pato.

Same goes with Manchester United's Fergie, he still struggling in finding new players to replace his golden boy, Cristiano. With a lot of money to spend (money from the selling of Cristiano, 80 millions euro!), he start with keeping Tevez in the team by paying euro 25 millions. He also in the race with Real Madrid and Chelsea to get Frank Ribery. Besides,Fergie also have intention in bringing Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich and Antonio Valencia from Wigan. If this all transfer really work, it will cost club around euro 100 millions!!Maybe the money from selling Berbatov(Fergie wanna sell Berbatov to anyone who want him as he showed a poor performance in Manchester, friends even called him as the laziest player in Manchester!haha!) for euro 20 millions and Paul Scholes can cover the large sum of spending fees.

So far the highest transfer fee was made by Real Madrid,bidding Cristiano for euro 80 millions, second also made by Real Madrid in bidding their former player Zidane from Juventus for euro 65 millions, and the third highest fee, again made by Real Madrid in bringing Kaka from AC Milan recently costing the club euro 55 millions.

So far, Real Madrid really make a serious business here, serious change, new players, new president. Maybe Messi have to work harder this time to beat Ronaldo and Kaka, as call as the perfect wings. haha..

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